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Forest City Council to Meet Tonight

The Forest City Council will convene at 7 pm with a discussion on several issues before the city.  The council will hold two public hearings on separate issues. The first is the sale of land by the city to a resident. The property is at 343 W. K Street and was originally the site of a house. The home was torn down and the property is too small to build on, so it must be sold to an adjoining neighbor.

The second issue is the Forest City Airport. The council and Mayor Byron Ruiter are working with the federal government to improve the taxiway lighting. The total cost of the project is estimated to be $197,700 of which the federal government will pay 90%. This leaves the city portion at $19,770. The city will open up the meeting to Forest City residents to offer their opinion on the project.

The city will manage two resolutions on these issues which will include the bidding process on the airport and materials.

The board will hear from the First Congregational Church who are celebrating their 150th anniversary on April 30th. The church wants to block off north 6th Street from the alley west to West L Street on April 30th to hold a downtown celebration.

Families of the Fallen want to do something similar on May 22nd from 8 am to Midnight for a Country Thunder Iowa Bags Tournament. The city must also approve the temporary road closure.

The meeting will be held at the Forest City Hall beginning at 7 pm on Monday night. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Council and staff may attend via telecom. Citizens are required to attend the council meeting virtually at:


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