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Ernst on Packing the Supreme Court

“For the last 150 years and counting, the Supreme Court of the United States has stood at nine justices. Completely disregarding this long-standing tradition, Congressional Democrats have a different idea: they’re pushing to increase the number of justices on the Supreme Court with their radical court packing plan—undermining the importance of an independent Supreme Court.

“Iowans firmly believe in the role of an independent Supreme Court—to defend our Constitution and apply the law as written—not to act as a ‘super legislature’ to push policy that can’t make it through Congress. To stop the Democrats’ radical court packing plan, I’m supporting a bill to prevent the number of Supreme Court justices from being modified and calling for a constitutional amendment that would limit the Supreme Court to nine justices. Our third branch of government—the judiciary—was designed to be an independent deliberative body, not a conduit for Democrats to shove through their partisan policy proposals. That’s why I will keep fighting to ensure the Supreme Court remains an independent arbiter of the law, just as our founders intended.”

Ernst is supporting legislation (S. 461) preventing the number of SCOTUS justices from being modified.  She is also supporting an amendment to the U.S. Constitution (S.J.Res.9) requiring that the Supreme Court of the United States be composed of nine justices.


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