North Iowa Community Schools Ready For The Regional Academy

The North Iowa Community Schools are preparing to enter into the Regional Academy or more commonly known as the John K. Hanson Career Center. The district will send students to the center for career technical training. the district will be joined by students from Lake Mills, Forest City and Garner-Hayfield-Ventura school districts.

North Iowa Community Schools Superintendent Joe Erickson met with his districts school board recently to talk about the center and its potential impact on students. The enthusiasm spilled over to the students when they were able to hear from prominent community business leaders.

The impact was felt almost immediately as Erickson stated that students became very interested in what the center could do for them.

Erickson see this as a tremendous addition to his district and to the students educational possibilities. Many urban area districts have similar programs, but the offerings are general not there for the rural schools until now. Erickson also sees this as a huge gain for the communities involved.

The center is expected to open in the fall of this year.




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