WCTA Announces Release of Dividend Checks

Winnebago Cooperative Telecom Association (WCTA) will disburse nearly 10,000 dividend checks totaling $2 million mid to late May. The payments represent the remaining deferred dividends for members who had service with WCTA in 1998.  In addition, WCTA will pay out patronage dividends for part of the year of 2005.

“Sharing our success with members is part of our mission statement,” stated WCTA CEO, Mark Thoma. “WCTA is proud to be able to give back to our members & continue to provide innovative products & services at a low cost.”

The WCTA Board of Directors voted earlier this year to approve the payment distribution. Board members include Larry Foley, Curt Helland, Mark R. Johnson, Dale Meinders, Shanan Redinger, Mike Stensrud, and Steve Thorland.


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