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Area Counties Refuse All or Part of Their Vaccine Allotments

State officials say 20 county health departments refused part of their the doses of Pfizer and Moderna they could have received this week, so those doses have been reallocated to other counties. Among them were Franklin, Hancock, Humboldt, Kossuth, and Winnebago Counties.

Winnebago County Health Department Director Julie Sorenson stated that her department is asking for half of their allotment

Hancock County is also asking for half of their allotment. Chelcee Schlueger, Director of the Department explained why.

 Hancock County Community Health has held clinics every week averaging an administration rate of 400 doses per week.

 To date, more than 3,830 area residents, or 46.2% of the total 8,292 vaccine-eligible Hancock County residents who are 18 and older, have received at least one dose of vaccine while many have received their required two doses.

Kossuth County Public Health Director Lindsey Nilles stated that her county will not be taking any doses this week.

Saturation points are not uncommon in area counties as those who want the vaccine have received their while others who are unsure or do not want it are not getting it.

These counties have enough vaccines for now to handle vaccinations for the coming week.

Governor Kim Reynolds predicts the pace of COVID-19 vaccinations will not be slowed by the two-week suspension of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine as possible health complications are carefully studied.

None of the six women who have had adverse reactions to the Johnson and Johnson vaccine were Iowans. Reynolds says the decision to put administration of that vaccine on pause was sudden and surprising.

State health officials redistributing the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines to adjust and the governor is again calling for Iowans to be patient as details are finalized.

The state was only expecting to get 18-hundred doses of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine next week.


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