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Archangels Grateful to the Area for Successful Shoe Drive

Group far exceeds set goal to help underprivileged

The Archangels Catholic Cluster recently held a shoe drive to help people in third world countries obtain much needed gently worn shoes. The youth group Lenten Service project set a goal of 2,500 pairs of shoes and were given nearly 4,000 pairs by local patrons and residents. Tom Blomme was one of the organizers of the event and was overcome with happiness by the outpouring of shoe donations.


The first two weeks of the campaign were slow according to Blomme, with a few shoes showing up now and then for donation. About the third week into the campaign, Blomme contacted KIOW News about the drive and we covered the story several times detailing how the shoes would benefit adults and children in Latin American nations and Africa. It was then that things really began to pick up.

The drive also got a much needed boost from area businesses who served as commercials drop off points for the shoes. Blomme thanked each of them for their tremendous assistance in getting the word out online and in person along with serving as a drop off point.

The youth group may do the same project again in the near future, but for now are extremely thankful to the business community and to area residents who cleaned out their closets to help in the cause.








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