Rick Mattoon wins the MBT Bank Bracket Bounce Contest

After a 3 week run, the MBT Bank Bracket Bounce contest completed with Rick Mattoon of Britt winning the grand prize of $500.00 in cash, as his Baylor Bears defeated Gonzaga 86-70 to win the school’s first national title.

L-R: Heidi Fedders, MBT, Rick Mattoon Grand Prize Winner, Karl Wooldridge, KIOW

Finishing 2nd was Kelly Leerar of Britt, who had Gonzaga. She also received a Gifts Sew Sweet gift package as part of her prize.  Finishing in the Final 4 were Ann Hinders and Kathy Brown. Each Final 4 participant received KIOW Bucks for making the finals. Thank you to MBT Bank for their support, the Britt Bar and Grill for hosting our selection event, and Gifts Sew Sweet Gift Shop in Britt for their support as well. Thank you to everyone who registered and participated. We look forward to another great contest in 2022.


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