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Sunday Talk: Representative Feenstra on Immigration, Infrastructure, and Federal Spending

It is becoming clear now that the border is being overrun by unaccompanied children, immigrants, and now wanted terrorists. Facilities are overcrowded according to several U. S. Senators and Representatives who have toured the border sites. Media outlets are reporting child abuse and rape within the compounds and border patrol agents are stretched thin.

President Biden is moving an infrastructure bill through Congress which would spend billions of dollars on internet connectivity, roads, bridges, and other projects. Many see this as runaway spending which will lead to higher taxes for the average American to pay for everything. The United States now has the highest deficit and debt in its history.

United States Representative Randy Feenstra in our U. S. District is very concerned about these matters and more. He took a moment to sit down with KIOW / KHAM News Director A. J. Taylor to discuss them in our Sunday Talk.

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