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Garner Council Discusses Nuisance Abatements and Vehicle Parking

The City of Garner is trying to keep a good appearance especially to those who may be interested in moving to town. In order to this the city must approach a problem created by a few individual residents. The problem is keeping trash or junk in the yards or possibly not parking their cars on driveways or on the road.

In order to address the problem, the city council and City Administrator Adam Kofoed held a work session this week. Kofoed stated that the discussion centered on important questions about the issues.

The first problem that the group dealt with was the way cars are sometimes parked at residences.

In cases where snow would force people to move their vehicles off of the street to allow for plows, it would be understandable to the council. But what about times when that is not the case?

The council considered the idea of updating  an ordinance that would ban sidewalk and backyard parking. Nothing was passed during the meeting. Kofoed stated that residents should be aware that the city is being proactive.








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