West Hancock Schools Continue to Focus on Mitigation Efforts

Many area school districts are continuing efforts to keep students safe during the pandemic. Among them is West Hancock Community Schools who are working hard on limiting any spread of the virus amongst the student population.

Superintendent Wayne Kronemann believes that the district is taking the right approaches during this time frame.

While these approaches are being taken, the school also continues to separate students in other areas too.

The school continues to monitor both students and staff in order to assure the safety of everyone inside the facilities.

While precautions are being taken, some are being relaxed, such as masking.

From there, the district began to move up the grades and no more cases of COVID-19 developed.

Cases in Hancock County have dropped dramatically and vaccinations are continuing at a strong pace thanks to the hard work of the Hancock County Health Department. Meanwhile students and staff are looking to return back to a strong social and educational environment in the classroom and the school board, along with Kronemann agreed.

Kronemann cited that the district has been in school on a five day a week schedule without any real issues or outbreaks. He credits his staff and the students for doing what they had to in order to assure that outcome.



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