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Worth County To Possibly Temporarily Halt Wind Energy Construction

The Worth County Board of Supervisors will meet on Monday with a discussion on the current state of secondary roads. Richard Brumm, the Worth County Engineer will cover what work has already been done regarding grading, pot hole patching, and possible resurfacing of the roads. He will also cover any future projects this spring.

Julie Kuntz and Eliot Evans will hold a discussion with the board beginning at 8:45am regarding a possible moratorium on wind energy construction. Concerns have been raised about the need for further construction in the county. As a result of these and other reasons which will be addressed, the board will consider Resolution #2021.04.05 which is a temporary moratorium on commercial wind energy construction.

The board will look into seeking the advice of an engineer regarding Drainage Districts 2 and 14. Work may include repairs and cleanout of the drainage systems. They may also hear about other drainage work that may need to get done in the county.

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