Wind Advisory and Red Flag Warnings Posted

Winds may hit 50 mph in some locations

The National Weather Service has issued a wind advisory for all counties in the broadcast area and a Red Flag Warning for Wright County. The warning extends south into Missouri and east into Nebraska. The advisory and warning both went into effect at noon.

A strong system is bringing southerly winds of 25 to 35 mph to the area with occasional gusts as high as 50 mph in some locations. Not everyone will see the strongest of winds, but the impact of moderately high winds will be felt statewide and into Minnesota where advisories have also been posted. Officials say that the gusts could blow around unsecured objects and be a danger to high profile vehicles particularly in open spaces.

Burning is not advised due to embers blowing long distances and causing wildfires or potentially starting fires in residential areas. The National Weather Service issued a Red Flag Warning which bans outdoor fires until the wind subsides. Humidity will remain below 30% for the day which will create extreme fire weather conditions.

Those traveling in residential areas or where streets are populated with trees along the curb should pay close attention to falling tree limbs which have broken off due to the winds.

Winds should fall below the 40 mph range by 8 pm as gulf moisture will prompt possible showers overnight. Forecasters do not believe that there will be any severe weather associated with the rain tonight.


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