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Wright County Board to Review Roads and AgriBusiness Park

The Wright County Board of Supervisors will hold their usual Monday morning meeting beginning at 9 am. While the meeting itself will originate from the Wright County Courthouse, those wishing to participate should join the Zoom Meeting at Pandemic rules are forcing participants to be a part of the meeting online because of limited space in the Supervisors Room.

The board will open with an update from the Wright County Emergency Operations Center regarding the current state of COVID-19 cases in the county. Area numbers have been slowly decreasing and the board wants to know if there are additional steps to further curb the spread of the disease in the county. They will also review current county policies to see if there need to be any improvements made.

The board will hold a conference call with ISG concerning the new Wright County AgriBusiness Park. While most of the initial work is done, the supervisors want to get updates on any remaining work needed in the park. They will also perform a corrective conveyance of a title to Lot 6 to the county

The board will also get an Engineer Report on Drainage District 194 and the clean up and repair work to be done. The board may set a public hearing date for those in the district who wish to speak to the issue. No predetermined date has yet been set.



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