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Winnebago Board Expresses Concerns About Secondary Roads

Department About to Switch to Four Day Work Weeks

The Winnebago County Secondary Road Department has begun the annual blading and resurfacing of secondary roads which are classed roads that are continually maintained. The roads in some locations have developed pot holes or boils from the spring thaw and repairs are being made.

All of this is usually done before the department goes into a “summer mode” where they work four day work weeks of 10 hour days. This is to minimize overtime and create an incentive for the employees.

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors met with Secondary Roads Engineer Scott Meinders about the changeover to a four day work week. There were concerns raised about doing it too soon. Supervisor Chairman Terry Durby offered his opinion of the change.

Meinders agreed that was a disadvantage and that it could not be helped given the work schedule. Durby offered a possible solution to the situation if the crew was to go to a four day week before Memorial Day. He suggested possibly having a floating day off that could be used when it rained, leaving rainless days to work on the roads.

Supervisor Bill Jensvold supported the concept.

Meinders stated that his crew will not move to the four day work week until after Memorial Day for various reasons such as needed grading of roads, repairs, and patchwork that must be done this time of year.

The road crews will continue to work the five day shifts until Memorial Day and then Meinders will make the change to the four day week unless the circumstances call for maintaining a five day work week.





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