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Iowa Ag Secretary Naig Visits Forest City

Attends Roundtable at Forest City Coop

The Forest City Farmer’s Coop hosted a roundtable discussion featuring farmers, bankers, food producers, and politicians that focused on the area farming market and industry. The purpose was to get a sense of the current farming climate. Iowa Agricultural Secretary Mike Naig attended the event.

The attendees had several concerns that they wanted to air. They also wanted to get information on the latest happenings with the legislature.

Iowa Agricultural Secretary Mike Naig

Naig addressed a current movement by those on the west coast to try and eliminate fossil fuels as a source of energy. According to him, this would be problematic for a large industry in Iowa which is ethanol production.

With the numerous ways that Iowa leads in energy production, Naig feels that the discussion needs to encompass all facets of it.

Naig praised the roundtable discussion and said that he got a lot of valuable feedback from area farmers and business leaders on the current state of farming industry in northern Iowa.




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