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Wright County Board to Discuss AgriBuisiness Park

The Wright County Board of Supervisors will meet Monday i the Wright County Courthouse in Clarion at 9 am. They will first discuss the COVID-19 virus situation in the county. This will include the current infection rates which are going down and the vaccination rates which are going up. The board will hear of any issues with the situation and if any changes need to be made to current policy.

A situation has developed with respect to a conveyance of a title of property in the Wright County Agribusiness Park. The Wright County Recorder will ask the board to approve a change in ownership for lot 6 in the business subdivision. The corrective conveyance will need to be approved before the changeover can occur.

Wright County secondary Roads Engineer Adam Clemons will give an update on the current state of secondary roads in the county and what projects need to be done. He will also address repairs and resurfacing work that is coming up later this month.


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