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Kanawha Public Works Superintendent Position is Now Open

The Kanawha City Council is now looking into hiring a new Public Works Superintendent after Joshua Zeigler resigned. Kanawha Mayor Gloria Sobek said that the city is receiving interest in the position.

Sobek referred to someone who could briefly fill in reading and recording the data at the water plant, which is one of the many responsibilities of the Public Works Superintendent. Zeigler took over for David Spangler, who retired recently. Zeigler shadowed Spangler before taking the position. Because of Iowa Public Service Retirement System (IPERS) rules, Spangler can no longer assist the city in any form while a replacement is sought.

As a result, Sobek consulted with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources on a possible temporary replacement. Sobek also stated that the permanent replacement won’t have time to train under Zeigler because of the nature of his resignation, which was a two-week notice.

Sobek said that the city is working hard to fill the position and keep things moving efficiently.




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