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Winnebago Board to Discuss Hog Confinement and Roofing

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors will meet Tuesday morning with a discussion on any possible changes to the current county COVID-19 policies. The board will hear from department heads and employees on any suggestions they may have.

The supervisors will then take up the issue of a hog confinement near Leland. The Cyclone 1 site will have its master matrix reviewed by the board and then will set a date for a public hearing on the matter. The board will announce the date so that the public can attend and voice their opinions on the situation.

A public hearing is scheduled for 9:30am concerning the re-roofing project on the courthouse. The county has continually patched areas where leaks may have developed, but the roof now needs repair before the situation becomes worse. The board may take up a resolution after the hearing concludes that authorizes repairs be done.

The board is not expected to discuss any new drainage matters.

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