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COVID Vaccinations Continue on Pace in Winnebago and Hancock County

The Two Health Departments are Allotted Only 200 Doses Weekly

Winnebago and Hancock County Public Health Departments continue to see area residents for their COVID-19 vaccinations. The counties have created waiting lists in two categories, those who are 65 and older, and those 64 and under with chronic conditions.

Julie Sorenson, Director of the Winnebago County Public Health said that her team of nurses along with the departments partners, Hy-Vee, MercyOne Clinic, and Miller Pharmacy continue to follow the list of names of those who have signed up at 65 or older.

According to Allison Rice RN and Clinical Manager, the list of 64 or younger candidates with chronic conditions has not yet been worked because the older list is not completed yet. The county only receives 200 doses to work with each week. While other nearby counties are able to hold large vaccination clinics, counties like Winnebago and Hancock who both have over 10,000 residents, must work with the small number of doses they are allotted.

In Hancock County, Director for Public Health Chelcee Schlueger says that her county is ready to begin the next category of recipients.

Unlike the 65 and older category, the younger group poses a different problem on the delivery scale.

One area of concern among both health departments is the misnomer that if one has had COVID-19 and receives the first vaccination, they do not have to receive the second dose.

Those who have not signed up on the lists, should do so by calling the county health departments.








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