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MBT Relay Team Creates a Fun Easter Fundraiser

The MBT Bank Relay for Life team has come up with a way to entertain the kids and family at your own home during Easter. It is the Egg My Yard & Basket Fundraiser. The idea came about after it was determined that the group could not do the annual Masquerade Ball this year because of COVID-19 concerns.

Heidi Fedders with with the MBT bank team explained the events.

Those with families with young children know the fun of a good Easter Egg Hunt, but now the MBT Relay team will bring the experience to your home. Those who are interested can purchase the eggs in set amounts. Thirty eggs are $15, fifty eggs are $25, and 100 eggs are $50.

Fedders stated that the hiding of the eggs is limited to certain locations.

The hunt is ideal for parents or grandparents who want to have fun with their children on Easter morning.

The second promotion is geared to those who may not need or want to have an Easter Egg Hunt in their yard.

The baskets can be picked up at any MBT Bank location in Forest City, Lake Mills, and Clear Lake.

The money raised through these two events will go towards the fight against cancer where 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women fall victim to the disease.

Those who want to purchase the eggs, the basket, or both can contact the MBT Relay Team.

The deadline to purchase either the eggs, the basket, or both is March 15th.






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