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Hancock County Board to Address Roads and Courthouse Repairs

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors will meet on Monday morning beginning at 9 am. The meeting in the Hancock County Courthouse in Garner  will open with a series of discussions about secondary roads. Hancock County Engineer Jeremy Purvis will deliver his report on the state of the roads along with any repairs and resurfacing that may be needed.

He will present a farm lease on new Britt property for consideration by the board and possible approval. Then he will turn his attention to the Iowa Department of Transportation Fiscal Year 2022 budget and how it affects the county. He will highlight how that budget applies to a 5 year construction program administered by his department.

After a discussion on farm drainage matters by Hancock County Drainage Clerk Ann Hinders, the board will turn its attention Blake Norman, Hancock County Attorney and Case Management Software.

The board will also consider a report dealing with the repairs and improvement of the courthouse. The county has already moved forward with financing the project using taxpayer dollars.


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