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Forest City Council to Approve Fiscal Year Budget

The Forest City Council will meet in City Hall on Monday to address the upcoming fiscal year budget. The city will hold a public hearing on the proposed fiscal year 2021-22 budget to allow for the community and city employees to voice their opinion. The council will then move forward with Resolution 20-21-47 which formally approves the budget for submission to the state.

Other highlights of the meeting include discussing the amendment to the agreement for professional services of Bolton and Menk as a consultant to the North 13th Street Improvement Project. The estimated construction phase services are around $44,500 and assumes 30 hours of work by the survey crew and 180 hours of work done by the resident project representative. The work will also involve staking, construction observation, and administration work.

It is expected that the city will formally approve the hiring of two new police officers. They are Cesar Baez and Keegan Carpenter. They may also approve the buyout of the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy Certification from the City of Lake Mills for Aaron Kelso at $7,925.73. After which the city may formally hire the new ILEA Certified officer.

It is also expected that the city will set the date for the annual Boy Scout Cleanup Day as May 8th. Residents can do a little spring cleaning and throw away unwanted items which the Scouts will pick up as part of a fund raiser and community project.

The meeting will take place in the Forest City Hall beginning at 7 pm.



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