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Jacobsen Fund Grant Award Winners are Announced

Colts Corner Daycare Receives a Substantial Shot in the Arm

The Jacobsen Fund Grant Award winners have been announced in Belmond. The grants help local businesses, civic groups, and organizations with financial assistance through the program. There were several applications and the winners were announced late last week.

The Belmond Growth Alliance has a website redesign project and will receive $26,300 from the Jacobsen Fund towards the realization of it. The Alliance initially asked for $25,000. The Belmond-Klemme Community School District requested $27,500 towards the public address replacement and enhancement at the football stadium. they will receive $335,000.

Build a Better Belmond asked for $73,000 for their Belmond Business Incubator project. The Jacobsen Fund awarded $500,000 towards the endeavor. Meanwhile the city asked for $32,794 for new welcome signs on the north and south ends of the city along Highway 69. The fund granted $42,794 towards the project. the city also got what it requested for a community information sign in the amount of $28,859.

The TLC Preschool requested $28,895 for furnishings and an interactive board. The fund granted them just under that figure at $28,860.

The big winner in grant amounts what the Colts Corner Daycare. The child care group asked for $100,000 for assistance in paying for the renovation of an old school building into a daycare. The fund granted them $2,626,805 or just over $2.5 million more than what was requested to move the project forward and answer a tremendous need in the city for daycare.

In total, $316,048 was requested in grants and $4,872,306 was awarded to local Belmond groups for use toward their projects.



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