Patriots for Pets Holds a Fund Raiser

Money Raised Will Help Fund the Shelter.

Patriots for Pets in Clear Lake went on Facebook to hold a fundraiser for the animal shelter. The event was found on the Jordan’s Way Facebook page.

Kris Rotondo is the principal organizer for the event and holds events like these everywhere.

“I’d like to go home now.”

The event lasted from 5pm until 9pm at Patriots for Pets at 805 N. 40th Street in Clear Lake. Rotondo pushed everyone to donate in various ways with an ultimate goal.

“Please let me be your friend.”

The shelter finds homes for cats, dogs, and puppies who are homeless and want a forever family.

Young men do push ups to match the donation amount offered of $210

In order to raise the money, the event has some interesting games and pranks on the staff.

Those interested in adopting a pet from the shelter can call (641) 357-8050.



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