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Hancock County Approves Recalculated Reduction in Property Taxes

On Monday after receiving no opposition, the Hancock County Board of Supervisors approved the 2021-22 proposed budget, with a reduction in property taxes levied from the original proposed budget. After re-calculating Mental Health from a taxable valuation of 30% down to 19% to align with the new Central Iowa Community Services (CICS) mental health region, the levy reduction saves Hancock County taxpayers about $117,000. This also reduced the overall expected taxes levied on property from $6,109,7091 down to $5,994,460, which is not even 1`% more than the current fiscal year’s budget estimate. Hancock County Supervisors Gary Rayhon, Jerry Tlach, and Sis Greiman all chimed in on how well the budget came together.

In addition, it was originally estimated that the 2021-22 proposed tax rate for urban would be 3.8% and rural 6.68%, but it has decreased to 3.69% for urban and 6.57% for rural. In comparison, this is a reduction from the 2020-21 rates in effect thru June 30, 2021 at 3.82% for urban and 6.82% for rural.

In other budget news, the Hancock County Board of supervisors also adopted a resolution of committed funds. Supervisor Jerry Tlach tells about that.



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