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Hancock County To Join CICS Mental Health Region

Creates Significant Taxpayer Savings; Strengthens Services

Hancock County Courthouse

Hancock County voted Monday to join the Central Iowa Community Services (CICS) mental health region, currently comprised of 11 counties that work in partnership to support people with mental health and developmental disabilities. Until fiscal year 2021-2022 begins in July, Hancock County will continue its partnership with County Social Services (CSS), which is currently made up of 19 counties. Hancock County was also invited to enter into the much smaller Northwest Care Connections (NWIACC) 6 county region; however, after careful consideration the Hancock County Board of Supervisors didn’t feel it was a perfect fit. Supervisor Chairman Gary Rayhons tells how this new CICS region will actually save county taxpayers money.

According to the 2019 United States Census Bureau, Hancock County has a population base of 10,802. CICS would allow Hancock County taxpayers to be charged only $205,238 as compared to CSS’s $324,060 and NWIACC’s $380,014. This is a potential savings of 46 percent.

In addition to lowering the levy rate, CICS would also guarantee that Hancock County retain similar mental health services as it’s been accustomed to with CSS.


Some of those out of pocket expenses with NWIACC would have included transportation and jail costs, plus the county would have been employer of record for another employee.

CICS is already mobilizing services to introduce to Hancock County prior to July 1st, according to CICS Chief Executive Officer Russell Wood.


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