Hancock County Board to Review Drainage Projects

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors will meet on Monday to discuss several issues in drainage and the direction the county will take in mental health regions.

The meeting at the Hancock County Courthouse will begin at 9 am with Hancock County Secondary Roads Engineer Jeremy Purvis discussing the current state of the county’s secondary roads. He will review any projects that may be needed along with repairs and resurfacing.

Hancock County Drainage Clerk Ann Hinders will address the board on a contract from Reutzel Excavating Incorporated which deals with an open ditch repair in Drainage District 174. The contract is for $71,041.50 and will be to clean out debris, trees, and sediment.

Richard Hopper of Jacobson-Westergard Engineering will deliver an engineering report regarding the tile improvements for drainage District 66. Hopper will address the two possible solutions to the issue including using a half inch coefficient amounting to an 18-24 inch piping, or using a 24-30 inch piping resulting in a one inch coefficient in drainage. The half inch drainage per hour will results in a projected cost of $257,355 while the one inch drainage per hour is projected to cost $307,972. The board will set a formal hearing date so that land owners will have a chance to be more informed and be able to voice their opinion on the project.

Supervisors are looking into which mental health region to join. There are several issues before them that they will consider such as amounts levied, services provided, equal representation on the board, and others. The board is considering joining Winnebago and Worth County in Northwest Care Connections or joining counties to the south in another region.

Those who would like to view the meeting can do so at  or by calling (872) 240-3213 and using the access code 761 708 261.


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