North Iowa Outdoors: Ice Fishing Shelters and Deer Stands Must be Removed

Permanent ice fishing shelters must be removed from all state-owned lands and waters by February 20th. Ice shelter owners are encouraged not to wait until the last minute to get their shelter off the ice. These include all area lakes and is meant as a safety precaution as the ice is beginning to weaken. If a shelter falls through the ice, the owner is responsible for getting it out of the lake.

The Winnebago County Conservation Office has started to tag all deer stands which have been left in hunting areas throughout the county. If these are not removed, the county will take them down and keep them until claimed. Deer stands should have been taken down at the end of the deer hunting season as required by the Conservation Office. Those who intend to use deer stands in future hunting seasons will need to abide by hunting regulations set forth by the county.

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