Grassley Visits Winnebago Industries

U. S. Senator Charles Grassley visited Winnebago Industries on Thursday afternoon intent on learning several things about the success of the company particularly now during the pandemic. Grassley wanted to know how the company assembled the many models of RV’s and towables.

Grassley was well aware of the resurgence in RV and towable sales. The company is seeing near record sales in both lines and production levels have dramatically increased to meet the demand.

Grassley watches as walls are put in place on an RV on the assembly line.

Grassley spoke individually with employees listening to their concerns about national issues along with their pride of assembling Winnebago products. One of those employees was 50 year veteran of Winnebago Industries Merle Aanrud.

Grassley joked that Aanrud had been with Winnebago Longer than Grassley had been in the United States Senate.

He then signed a plaque commemorating his visit to the plant.

Grassley also wanted to learn about the contributions Winnebago Industries made during the pandemic when the company employees sewed together several personal protection items such as masks for front line personnel.

Winnebago Industries Chad Reece shows the masks manufactured by the company during the initial stages of the pandemic.

Grassley then addressed employees in a town hall like setting answering questions about actions by Congress and the President along with national issues facing the nation.

Grassley stated afterwards that Winnebago Industries was a vital asset to Iowa and the nation.

Grassley earlier visited Garner and spoke with constituents there.


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