Hancock County Applies to CICS Mental Health Region

Hancock County has now submitted an application to join the Central Iowa Community Services (CICS) mental health region, after receiving news from the Northwest Care Connections region their levy rate would be assessed at 35.18, even though some of the counties including much larger Clay County is only assessed at 12 and others at 25 to 28.

Currently, Hancock County remains within the County Social Services (CSS) region with a levy rate around 30, but every county within CSS pays the same levy. Now after learning that the levy rate in CICS for all counties is around 22, Hancock County is now reconsidering its options, Supervisor Jerry Tlach explains.

Hancock County’s main intrigue with Northwest Care Connections was a smaller and hopefully more transparent region. But according to Tlach, the lower levy rate is not the only advantage of going with the southern CICS region or staying with CSS, as both offer more services than Northwest Care Connections.

So as a Hancock County taxpayer, which of these scenarios overall sounds like the best option for you and your mental health services?


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