Garner Addresses Iowa Northern Railroad Spur

The City of Garner has addressed the issue of a spur to a railroad line in the city. In the recent past, the city partnered with Zinpro Corporation and Iowa Northern Railroad on a federal grant of $1.5 million to build and maintain a railroad spur. However, where the line had been planned to be built became an issue of contention. Garner City Administrator Adam Kofoed explained where the railroad spur is planned.

Owners of land and business owners were concerned about the track of land that would be used. Kofoed stated that there was a meeting of the minds by all concerned.

The city expects that there will be an agreement shortly on the property and the project. Like the property owners and businesses involved, the city has made an investment into the project.

The city and all other interested partners will continue to work to resolve the remaining issues and move the project forward.





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