Winnebago Board to Approve a Superintendent and Drainage Estimates

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors will meet on Tuesday at the Winnebago County Courthouse in Forest City. the meeting will begin at 9 am with a discussion on the current COVID-19 policies and if there need to be any changes. the county is seeing a reduction in the number of new cases through a concerted effort by residents to mask up and follow protocols. The board will review the situation and make changes where necessary.

Winnebago County Secondary Roads Engineer Scott Meinders will introduce Ethan Schutter as the new Maintenance Superintendent for the Secondary Road Department. Meinders will ask that the board approve the appointment at the meeting.

Drainage matters will be discussed by the board and the Winnebago County Drainage Clerk. There are not very many projects that are underway or planned at this time, but the board will have to consider a seventh pay estimate for work done by B & B Drainage in Drainage District 11. The clean out, repair and tiling project has been ongoing for some time and the pay estimate will be for &151,287.30. The board is expected to approve the estimate.

The board will then hold an open forum to allow citizens and employees of Winnebago County to give their opinion on any issues before the county. The board cannot act on the discussion, but may place the matter on a future agenda. Those wishing to participate can call (641) 591-6903 and use the participant code 149935.

After the forum, the board and County Auditor Karla Weiss will work together on the fiscal year 2022 budget.


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