Wright County Board to Meet Monday

The Wright County Board of Supervisors will meet on Monday in Clarion to discuss budgets and other issues. The board will convene at 9 am with an open forum to allow for Wright County residents to address or present issues facing the county. The board cannot act on the requests until they are placed on a future agenda.

The board will hear from the Emergency Operations Center regarding the current state of COVID-19 infections and vaccine distribution. If there are any changes to policies that should be  made, the board will decide on what actions to take if any.

Shelly Zabel with the Community and Family resources will give an annual update to the board and request funding for the next fiscal year. The board is in the process of going through budget talks and may incorporate the funding request into the discussion.

Secondary roads took a hit from the Thursday storms and subsequent blizzard. Secondary Roads Engineer Adam Clemons will address the current state of county and secondary roads along with any improvements or future projects that may be needed.

The board will hold a public hearing on the proposed tax levy for the upcoming fiscal year at 10 am. The public is welcome to voice their opinion on the tax by calling (312) 626-6799. the meeting ID is 435 965.

The meeting will reconvene at 1 pm with a scheduled work session with ISG engineering on the Wright County AgriBusiness Park.


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