Winnebago County Board to Review Master Matrix Sites

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors will meet Tuesday with a review of current COVID-19 policies. Cases in the county have slowly been decreasing, but the board will look to see if any changes to policy need to be made.

The board will then hold a public hearing date on the Eagle Pork 15 site. This new swine finishing site in the Logan Township section 22 is looking to add 5,000 head of hogs to the site. The board will hold the public hearing so that residents can voice their opinion on the swine finishing site. The board is not scheduled to take action on the matter.

A second matrix in the Newton Township section 28 will need to have a public hearing. The board will determine a time and date for it and notify the public via a public notice.

Winnebago County Secondary Roads Engineer Scott Meinders will address the board on the current state of county roads. He will introduce a five year program on the repair and maintenance of the roads and any new paving that may be done. He will also ask the board to approve the purchase of a new pickup for the Secondary Roads Department. The projected purchase has already been integrated into the current fiscal year budget, but needs board approval.

After a brief discussion of drainage matters in the county, the board will take up the duty of canvassing the 2021 Trustee Drainage District election results. The board will certify the results for submission to the state.

Those wishing to view the meeting can go to For those wishing to participate, the call-in number is (641) 591-6903, participant code: 149935.



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