Winnebago Conservation to Offer Wolf 101 Online

Wolves are fascinating, often misunderstood, animals and one of the best places to learn about them isn’t actually too far away, at the International Wolf Center in Ely, MN. Unfortunately, though, during times of COVID, it can be difficult to travel or visit attractions such as the Wolf Center. But, now you can learn about wolves virtually, through a unique partnership between the International Wolf Center and the Winnebago County Conservation Board.

Winnebago County Naturalist Lisa Ralls talked about the February 13th program entitled Wolf 101.

The International Wolf Center was first conceived after a 1985 wolf exhibit at the Minnesota Science Museum became popular. By 1989, a temporary facility was developed in Ely, MN, to house the exhibit and, in 1993, the current International Wolf Center opened its doors. The Center now has an amazing array of interpretive displays and offers many on-site programs.

Those who want to discover more about these wild canines that live just to our north should contact Lisa Ralls at (641) 565-3390 or email her at


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