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Forest City YMCA to Roll Out Performance Programs

Spring and summer sports are about to go into training camps. While many of the winter sports have a limited number of participants, the spring sports are greater in number and require early preparation and training. The Forest City YMCA is looking to provide solutions for area youth who need or want to begin now. YMCA Director of Activities Tony Reynolds has a background in strength and conditioning, and he is ready to roll out training programs to help area youth.

Reynolds wants to expand from just the high school levels, because there is a need to prepare young athletes early for sports and activities before they enter high school activities.

Young athletes in the middle school level will almost always have coordination issues resulting from growth spurts and the continual need to adapt. Reynolds wants to address that and more in these sports performance sessions.

The key fundamental in strength and conditioning isn’t developing endurance or muscle, but how to use it to prevent injury.

The athletes will go through a battery of testing to see where they are fitness and agility wise. The program will then begin where to athletes level is to attain the greatest results. Those interested in getting their child into a fun fitness program should contact the Forest City YMCA for more information.





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