Winnebago and Hancock County Announce Vaccine Distribution Points

Winnebago County Public Health and Winnebago County Emergency Management have announced a partnership with three local businesses to assist in the administration of the COVID-19 Vaccine. They are Miller Pharmacy, Hy-Vee Forest City Pharmacy and MercyOne Forest City Clinic. Winnebago and Hancock County Emergency Management Coordinator Andy Buffington explained the purpose behind the partnership.

Now, potential vaccine recipients can go to one of the three locations for their COVID-19 vaccine shots.

Public Health will be able to focus its efforts on the tiered priority populations outlined in Phase 1B as defined by the Iowa Department of Public Health. Those who fall under Phase 1B are outlined as specific age groups and those who face the greatest threat in the workplace.

At this time the expected quantities of the vaccine are unknown and will be determined by the State of Iowa.

There may be some delays in getting the vaccines out to individuals. To make sure everyone can get the vaccines, both Miller Pharmacy and MercyOne are creating waiting lists while Hy-Vee is creating an online list. Buffington says that this has reportedly met with some trepidation and angst among those putting their names on the list. In some cases, they have been rather curt to pharmacists and their assistants in trying to get their names higher up on the lists. These actions include threats, language, and other non-verbal actions. Buffington reminds everyone that these pharmacies are doing the best they can and to exercise restraint.




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