FAVA Gifted a Large Food Donation From Forest City’s Hy-Vee

The Family Alliance for Veterans of America or FAVA takes every step possible to provide help, hope, and relief for veterans and especially homeless veterans. This includes finding homes and assistance wherever possible. One of the individuals who assists in this area is Forest City’s First Lady, Barb Ruiter, wife of Forest City Mayor Byron Ruiter. One of her charges at FAVA is to obtain food to provide to homeless veterans.

Ruiter was given a very big surprise when she ordered food from the Forest City Hy-Vee.

According to Ruiter, she was completely surprised by the generous offer from the Forest City Hy-Vee.

Many area businesses go the extra mile in their support of our veterans by offering discounts or specials. FAVA does its part by getting involved in their lives, especially if they have fallen on hard times. Those who are homeless will find hope with the Forest City based group.

The food consists of canned goods, non-perishables, and meat. Ruiter said they have enough room to store the meat in three large freezers in the FAVA building. She also wanted Hy-Vee to know how appreciative she and FAVA were for the gift and that the food will be put to good use.



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