Iowa Donor Network Encourages Area Residents to Register

Most north Iowans and southern Minnesotans usually don’t think about donating organs and tissue until the inevitable time comes. Leaving that decision for immediate family isn’t always fair because of the grief they are going through. That is why there is a push to get local residents to consider and sign up to donate organs and tissue ahead of time.

Heather Butterfield is a spokesperson for the Iowa Donor Network. She know the value of having these family conversations and making these decisions now.

People have a hard time bringing up the subject, especially young couples who may not be thinking about the future a long time down the road. Butterfield said to pick a time when the two of you can honestly discuss the idea.

By donating, one person can make a significant difference in the many lives that could be saved.

Donating is not just for those who may be young or middle aged. According to Butterfield, age is not an issue.

People have been offered the opportunity to sign up in a number of ways, but may have ignored or put off the idea. Butterfield stated that for those who have put it off or those who have not been offered the opportunity, now would be a good time to seize it.








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