Grassley on Inauguration Day

Senator Charles Grassley makes his remarks on the inauguration and relinquishing his position as President Pro Tem.

Four years ago, our nation’s capital was full of people who had come to celebrate a new president’s inauguration or to protest it.

This inauguration was different in that respect. But, just like four years ago, there are Americans who question the election outcome and did not want the inauguration to proceed.

Since Election Day, I have urged Americans to have faith in our constitutional system and let it work its course. Today was the culmination of that process.

Like four years ago, I know that many Americans are not happy with how it turned out. That is absolutely fine. In our country, you are not obliged to like or support the president.

However, while the presidency changed hands, I hope we can retire #resist.

You wouldn’t know it listening to partisan commentators from the right or left, but you don’t have to make a choice between giving your unqualified support or total opposition to a president.

As a legislator, I would be doing a disservice to those I represent if I did either.

In my work on behalf of Iowans, I have to engage with the administration of the day if I want to be effective.

As I have with every president, I will seek to find common ground with President Biden wherever possible, but I will strongly oppose policies that I think are not good for Iowa and all Americans based on input I receive from Iowans.


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