Winnebago Supervisors Approve Pay Raises

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors have gone forward with the recommendations of the Winnebago County Compensation Committee to increase pay for most elected officials by 4%. The County Attorney will also get a raise and the Sheriff will see a 6.5% increase in pay in the next fiscal year.

The Compensation Committee analyzed data of other counties in Iowa commensurate in size and population to Winnebago County when making the recommendations to the board in a public meeting held at the TSB Meeting Room on January 6th. In the meeting, members of the board felt that because of the current climate and how officers in the Sheriffs Office have been doing an exemplary job, a 6.5% raise was justified. The raise for the Sheriff means that now his officers may see an increase too.

Supervisor Bill Jensvold felt that the increases proposed by the committee were justified and fair.

Supervisor and Chairman Terry Durby was impressed with the findings and work done by the committee which also made the recommendation of a $500 stipend for the County Auditor for her extra work she fulfills as the County Elections Commissioner. A second stipend was approved for the Chairman of the Supervisors for $1,000. Durby felt that no alterations were necessary to the recommendations.

New Supervisor Susan Smith attended the Compensation Board meeting on the 6th and said she came away impressed by how the committee tried to level the playing field in salary structures between counties and the private sector.

The supervisors have been holding the budget line fairly close to the last fiscal year, but have seen increases in health insurance for employees go up. the committee took that into account along with cost of living increases when arriving at the recommendations to the supervisors. The raises for elected officials will be reflective in county employee salaries too.




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