National School Choice Week Begins January 24th

Public and private education institutions are continuing to work under the current threat of COVID-19. They are providing students with the safest, simplest, qualified education possible through a variety of educational formats. Whether they be online, in-class, or a combination of delivery models.

Parents continue to evaluate their options as their children may fall behind in some subjects or may feel like they don’t belong in the current educational setting. Wile working with school counselors may provide a solution, other parents may take a more aggressive approach in the form of school choice.

National School Choice Week runs January 24th to the 30th. During this time, the National School Choice Foundation is providing opportunities and unbiased resources to help parents evaluate all of their educational options.

National School Choice Foundation President Andrew Campinella explained that there are options available to all parents.

Decisions like these are not always easy. Parents may think that a charter, online, or private school is better because of the accreditation or academic reputation that it may have. Also taking the student out of a familiar situation with close friends and classmates may be detrimental. Parents have to take into consideration a students comfort level from both a sociological and educational standpoint.

The website is and features a number of portals for parents and students to explore. It also includes a new school tool finder with searchable details on every elementary, middle, and high school in the United States.

Before making the decision to switch to a new school, parents should have a meeting with officials with the school that the student is currently attending. Parents are encouraged to share their concerns or even that aired by the student to try and resolve any issues. Parental involvement is paramount to the success or failure of a student through the educational process.







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