Governor’s Proclamation Grants High School Athletes “Academic Fresh Starts”

Allowing more spectators into high school events wasn’t the only significant change from the Governor’s latest proclamation. The updated proclamation – which went into effect on January 8th – will temporarily waive the 30-day ineligibility for students who failed a course during the last grading period.

The Governor’s office and the Department (of education) believe the best public policy is to interpret the proclamation language to give every student-athlete a fresh academic start”, the Association said in a release. “This is due to the difficulties some districts have faced in implementing remote learning and the large scale need of keeping student-athletes connected to education,” they continued by saying.

This order from the IHSAA and DOE (Department of Education) went into effect immediately, and those athletes currently sitting out due to grades were made eligible this week. The IHSAA release also stated that this includes music and speech students.

The Governor’s proclamation – announced on January 7th – that went into effect last Friday lifted the limitations for spectators attending high school and youth sports but requires families to social distance and masks to continue to be worn. Due to most facilities’ size, schools have continued to limit spectators.

The Top of Iowa Conference released a joint statement last week stating until further notice. They will continue with the lanyard system put into place before the start of the winter sports season.


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