Storywalk a Success in Belmond

Shoppers and local youth can participate in a new program until the end of the month call The Storywalk. The program is put together by the Talbot Belmond Public Library and centers around the William’s Winter Nap tale by Linda Ashman and illustrated by Chuck Groenink. In the story, William is visited by a number of animals on a cold winter’s night. They want to sleep in his warm cabin and get out of the cold.

Librarians at the library put parts of the story on Belmond businesses beginning at D. K. Arndt Accounting and progressed for several blocks to the Green Belt Bank and Trust. Participants can pick up a map at the library and then begin the story trail down Main Street. As they progress, there will be alphabet letters in the story that form the answer to the riddle on the front of the map. Participants can try to unscramble the letters into words to solve the riddle. They will then submit their guess to the drop box located at the library. Right or wrong, a winner will get a gift basket with prizes and Belmond business gift certificates.

The event is free and open to the public. It is sponsored by a number of Belmond businesses.


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