Forest City YMCA to Offer an Ultimate Fitness Challenge

New Years Resolutions almost always include a resolve to lose weight and get fit. However, most individuals give up on the fitness and or diet in the first 20 days. The Forest City YMCA wants to help people get through the trying time with an ultimate challenge. Tony Reynolds, Director of Activities at the Forest City YMCA believes this program will help a lot of people reach their resolution goal.

Reynolds is no stranger to strength training and endurance work having helped at Waldorf athletics and doing the same on his own. The program he is designing involves three phases.

Fitness is a process of both mind and body. Reynolds wants to create a program that gets results from both.

Unlike other training programs, this program involves community. Those who strive to better themselves need the support of others to motivate and celebrate accomplishments with. Many individuals however don’t like working out in front of others and in this case they really don’t because the program is online.

Participants are highly encouraged to come to the YMCA and workout on the equipment using the online program, then communicate with their friends in the group on their results.

Those who would be interested in taking the Ultimate Challenge should contact the Forest City YMCA.







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