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Clover Kids Program Going Worldwide in Winnebago County

Due to the pandemic, several groups and organizations have suspended in-person meetings. However, in Winnebago County, the 4H Clover Kids have reverted to online and virtual programs. Lexi Richter, County Youth Coordinator with the Winnebago County ISU Extension Service explains that the kids have begun a unique way to travel to distant lands and cities.

These boxes are put together by the Winnebago Extension Office and are filled with activities and information about the land the Winnebago Clover Kids are “traveling” to and learning about.

The Winnebago Clover Kids have really taken to the virtual program and are given the opportunity to show what they have learned to Lexi and their fellow Clover Kids members.

The kids learn that there are differences about where they live and those of other countries. The experiences can be very eye opening according to Richter.

The program offers a side benefit to the Clover Kids too. Apart from learning about other cultures and countries, Richter believes there is a sense of self confidence and importance for the kids.

Those who are interested in getting their children involved in the program can call the Winnebago County Extension Office at (641) 584-2261 or by emailing Richter at [email protected].









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