Garner to Hold Discussions on Subdivisions and Tax Abatements

The Garner City Council will meet this evening in the Garner City Hall beginning at 7pm. The purpose of the meeting is to get the Parks and Recreation leadership in place, discuss strategic planning for the city in 2021 and beyond, and look at plats for a new subdivision.

The city council will first hear about a tax abatement for a housing project in the Cobblestone Estates district. City Administrator Adam Kofoed explained that the high school wants the abatement benefit.

The City Council will also hold a Plat Hearing for the Red Elevator area  or as it is now called, the Marv Rayhon Subdivision. Kofoed explained that this step is necessary to move the project forward and to convert a private road into a public one.

Due to COVID-19 regulations, those who want to participate can call in at (641) 355-8812 with a participant code of 872489#.




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