Wright County Board to Meet Monday

The Wright County Board of Supervisors will hold a very busy Monday morning meeting at the Wright County Courthouse in Clarion beginning at 9am. The board will first elect a Chairman and Chairman Pro-Tem. Then the board will hear about the current COVID-19 climate from the Emergency Operations Center.

At 9:15am, the board will hold a conference call with ISG Engineering on the progress of the Wright County AgriBusiness Park. Discussion will center on construction progress and water supply rates.

The courthouse has become a concern from weathering and now the board will hear from Sadler and Ahlers Architectural Firm. Discussion will center on the progress of the work being done on the Courthouse and Professional Building Roofing project.

The board is moving forward with the Wright County Infectious Disease Action Plan COVID-19 Pandemic policy. The board may amend some portions of the plan or extend it to February 28, 2021.

Several policies will need to be addressed including designating county holidays for 2021, reimbursable mileage rates, and appointing an Eminent Domain Compensation Commission.

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