Buffington on the Approaching Winter Storm

Winter is finally here again and we will be seeing it again tomorrow most likely.

We are under a Winter Weather Advisory from 9:00 a.m. Tuesday until 6:00 a.m. Wednesday. Immediately to our southwest there is a Winter Storm Warning for the same time period. Hoping it shifts to the Southwest and our snowfall amounts diminish as well.

Snow chances begin early tomorrow morning and increase throughout the morning toward the noon hour. The greatest chances persist through the later afternoon into the late evening and begin to subside rapidly after midnight tomorrow night. There is a small chance for freezing rain after midnight tomorrow night.

Because it’s Iowa the wind will make an impact as well…not as significantly as our Blizzard last week, however the winds will be blowing sustained out of the southwest around 15 with gusts into the mid 20s. This may make travel dangerous tomorrow at times with diminished visibility and slick road surfaces.

The graphics below are (top) NWS Des Moines forecast snowfall totals for the next 72 hours and (bottom) the forecast wind, precipitation potential, snow and freezing rain hour by hour.


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