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Blood Plasma is Needed Locally to Combat COVID-19

While the triumph of a vaccine is on the horizon, more research and assistance is needed from the local area. The LifeServe Blood Center has put out a call for blood plasma donations. They continue to also call for blood donations too which can save up to three lives when properly divided up.  Claire DeRoin with the LifeServe Blood Center explains how one donation does this.

The three separations of blood can become very valuable to different patients who are in need of one or more of them.

Plasma donations from those who have tested positive for COVID-19 are needed right now. The process to donate can take a little longer according to DeRoin, but it can help in medical research in defeating COVID-19.

Not everyone can donate plasma however. according to DeRoin, women who have been pregnant in their health history, develop an antibody called HLA. This prevents them from giving a good donation of plasma because it may affect recipients of the donated plasma.

If a woman has had a pregnancy history, she should get tested for HLA antibodies. DeRoin said these are not harmful and are a natural occurrence in the body. However, it will be helpful to learn what types of donation can be done. She also stated that the plasma is sorted out from a regular blood donation for safety reasons.

To donate plasma or blood, call the LifeServe Blood Center at (800) 287-4903 or go to their website at





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